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Below are a few example websites and web applications created by Clip Magic.

Please keep in mind:

Clip Magic has been in business for 10+ years and the web changes on a daily basis. All images are as the website home pages looked at the point of handover. Clip Magic gives site owners full permissions, and training 'how to', to change their site as they see fit and is therefore not responsible for editorial changes from that point onward. Other factors we ask you to consider:

  • Some clients have had multiple site overhauls and screenshots of both current & older versions may appear below
  • Some websites are no longer accessible due to factors beyond Clip Magic's control. We're still proud of the work we did 'back then'

We're happy to supply you with a list of current 'live' sites. Please contact us for the web addresses.


Blueprint Podiatry
Savvy Plan
Karingal Equestrian
Hound Dog Direct
Aquatic Pyramids
Rockpool Painting
Gold Coast Holistic Health
No More Scary Stuff
Steampunk Cool
Direct Hire Associates
GC Osteopathy
SuccessMasters v2
Clip Magic Web Design
Holiday House Tasmania v2
Rockdale City Rotary Club
Beautiful Human Way
Holiday House Tasmania
Lois Jones Real Estate
Rory Nash
PreOp Hypnosis